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We all have a day one

my journey began when…

I found myself in a deep, dark postpartum depression ​after having my second child. The years of infertility ​and miscarriages had taken its toll on me mentally and ​physically and I didn't recognize who I was anymore. I ​was tired of always putting myself last, and I was ​desperate for a change.

So I decided to….

make a change. I had my doubts but at this point I had ​nothing to lose. Within the first week- I was already ​happier, had more energy, and my husband even ​noticed... He told me "Whatever you are doing, don't ​stop because you are finally happy again". So I kept ​going and finished a first program for the first time in ​my life! Because this changed my life so much, I knew I ​wanted to share what I was doing. If I could help ONE ​woman then it would all be worth it! And it was!

Today I am happy ​to say...

That exhausted, insecure mom who lived in her husbands t-​shirts, and felt guilty doing anything for herself .....she no longer ​exists.

TODAY I am in the best shape of my life without ​overcomplicated fitness, yo-yo diets or a gym commute.

My children are being raised by a happy, healthy, confident ​mother. I’m able to contribute to our household income which ​provides us financial flexibility to YES TO MORE as a family and ​to give our son with special needs MORE. More adventures, ​more opportunities and more experience he wouldn't have ​been able to have otherwise.

The personal growth, community and lifelong friendships I’ve ​developed along the way have 100% changed my life forever.

I am not the same person I was 6 years ago- I am so thankful I ​took the leap of faith!

income is not guaranteed each coaches success is dependent upon his or her own effort diligence and skill

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TO me, BODi is a space for any woman to rediscover ​herself. It's celebrating hard work. It's celebrating failure ​because that means you've learned a valuable lesson ​and are even closer to your goal then before. BODi is ​community and support from the most amazing ​strangers you'll ever meet online. BODi is HOPE, it's ​SELF LOVE, it's GRACE...but it's also permission to be ​FIERCE and go ALL IN with that you want knowing ​you're not alone and you CAN do it scared.

My Mission: To help that woman staring blankly out her ​kitchen window while doing the monotenous ​chores...who hasn't gotten dressed up to go anywhere ​because she feels too insecure and would rather just ​hide at home...who is drowning in the caregiver role and ​who needs to be able to take care of herself and her ​family. Who loves her kids with all her heart but is tired ​of always coming up last and is ready to discover her ​spark again.

I am here to help THAT WOMAN rediscover her spark. I ​will help her rebuild herself inside and out. build a ​strong mind + body and a strong + empowering ​business so that she can show up better for the ones ​that mean the most to her, her family. To help her ​become who she wants to be and never settle.

What IS BODi

PHASE ONE: We get results! Our ​job is our journey. It's the ​ultimate accountability!

PHASE TWO: You begin to ​monetize something you'd ​probably be doing for free ​(sharing this solution with ​others)

PHASE THREE: Continue paying ​it forward and helping others do ​the same.

Drop Shadow

In a nutshell:

Get healthy and earn ​income from home ​with friends.

This is a flexible business.

Its a passion filled business and offers PURPOSE.

You do it for yourself, not by yourself.

You can build a substantial income from home.

This is a business that gives HOPE.

income is not guaranteed each coaches success is dependent upon his or her own effort diligence and skill

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Let’s do this together.

please touch base with any ​questions you still have!

IG: saraengland1

FB: Sara England

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